“Investigative Post and its powerful team offers up fierce, independent journalism at its best. It is the kind of writing that digs deep and does not let a story go, the kind of journalism that makes democracy still work.” — JIM SCHULTZ, DONOR MEET OUR TEAMS BOARD OF D I RECTORS OFFICERS: Dr. Michael Merrill President George Nicholas Vice President Sarah Cohen Secretary Susanne Francis Treasurer AT-LARGE DIRECTORS: Sam Savarino Tom Toles STAFF Jim Heaney Editor and Executive Director Geoff Kelly Reporter Mark Scheer Reporter Layne Dowdall Reporter Nancy Webb Director of Development & Administration “In its coverage of Buffalo schools, Investigative Post has offered an honest and unfiltered look at district policies and leadership. I consider them a partner in making our schools the best they can be.” — SAM RADFORD, CO-FOUNDER, WE THE PARENTS